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BROKEN DOWN IN TINY PIECES (Adrian) Billy "Crash" Craddock - 1976 Buddy Emmons & Buddy Spicher - 1977 Broken down in tiny pieces Love Ainít really all that much. Just a song you used to whisper Or a smile I tried to touch Broken down in tiny pieces Love ainít hardly worth the time Just a nickel that I borrowed For a dream that cost a dime Take me back to where I started You can help me mend Here I am in tiny pieces Please put me back together again Broken down in tiny pieces Loveís a special kind of thing A snowball in December You remember in the spring And you were all that I remember Of the thing I tried to find In between the broken pieces You keep running through my mind Canít you see Iíll always love you It wonít ever end Here I am In tiny pieces Please put me back together again The first verse is spoken by a woman starting after the first line of the fourth verse and ending just before the last line of that verse. (Contributed by Laurel Perrigo - August 2003)


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