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BROOKLYN BRIDGE, THE fr "It Happened In Brooklyn" 1947 film sb Frank Sinatra Jule Stein (m) Sammy Cahn (l) 1946 as rec by Mel Torme Isn't she a beauty, isn't she a queen, Nicest bridge that I have ever seen! Her paint's a little tattered where age has left its touch, Still I guess I'll always love her very much! Like the folks you meet on, Like to plant my feet on The Brooklyn Bridge. What a lovely view from, Heaven looks at you from The Brooklyn Bridge. I love to listen to the wind through her strings, The song that it sings For the town. I love to look up at the clouds in her hair She's learned to wear Like a crown. If you've been a rover, Journey's end lies over The Brooklyn Bridge. Don't let no one tell you I've been tryin' to sell you The Brooklyn Bridge! Folks in Manhattan are sad, 'Cause they look at her and wish they had The good old Brooklyn Bridge! Not any old bridge, but the Brooklyn Bridge! I pity the New York Crowd; The folks in Manhattan are sad, 'Cause they look at her and wish they had The good old Brooklyn, Nothin' but the Brooklyn, The good old Brooklyn Bridge! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2012)


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