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BUBBLING OVER (Life Is Bubbling Over All The Time) (John William Kellette, 1919) In the human heart there's a hope that glows, like the budding rose, Full of promise grows, And the dawning light finds that hope so bright, But hopes bubble over then fade from sight. Through our dearest dreams as we scheme our schemes, Hope is ever new, And each golden hue, Keeps them soaring high, till they fade and die, Or those that we cherish take wings and fly. Bubbling over, Bubbling over, Hope with me is bubbling over all the time Just as a rosebud blooms, its petals fall, Like all my dreams, they die, then all goes tumbling over, crumbling over, Like my castles high in the air I search for sunshine and the raindrops fall, Then as I hunt for fortune, it just hides, that's all, Dreams are over Hopes are over, Life is bubbling over all the time.


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