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BUCKLE DOWN, WINSOCKI From the Broadway Show "Best Foot Forward" (1941) (Hugh Martin / Ralph Blane) Tommy Dix, Stuart Langley & Chorus (Broadway Production) - 1941 Benny Goodman & His Orch. - 1941 Tommy Dix & Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 Glenn Miller & The AAF Band - 1943 The Crew Cuts - 1954 Martin & Blane - 1956 Blossom Dearie - 1960 Jack Irwin, Edmund Gaynes & Chorus (Off-Broadway Revival) - 1963 Liza Minnelli - 1987 Also recorded by: The Andrews Sisters; The Routers; Ralph Sharon Quartet. Buckle down, Winsocki, buckle down You can win, Winsocki, if you knuckle down If you break their necks , f you make them wrecks You can break the hex, so buckle down Make 'em yell Winsocki, make 'em yell You can win, Winsocki, if you give 'em hell It you don't give in, take it on the chin You are bound to win, if you will only buckle down If you fight you'll chuckle at defeat If you fight your luck'll not retreat (CHEER!!!) Knuckle down Winsocki, knuckle down You can win, Winsocki, if you buckle down If you mow them down, if you go to town You can wear the crown, if you will only buckle down


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