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BUGS BUNNY & THE PIRATE (Alan Livingston / Warren Foster) Mel Blanc (as Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam) - 1954 YOSEMITE SAM: Iím Yosemite Sam the Pirate, and a buccaneer thatís bold I sail across the seven seas a-lookiní out for gold When anyone gives me trouble, I makes him walk the plank And I watch the perty bubbles come up from where they sank Ya-ho Ya-ho Ya-ho-ho Ya-ho Ya-ho Ya-ho I sail the seas where ever I please Where ever the tradewinds blow, yo-ho! BUGS BUNNY: Oh, Iím glad that Iím a rabbit beacause Iíve got the habbit Of chewing carrots all the live-long day! I donít like potatoes, I never eat tomatoes And I never envy horses eating hay Every morning, noon, and nighttime, for carrots is the right time My diet may be wrong, but whatís the use? Although I know I oughter, I even donít drink water If I can get a glass of carrot juice!


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