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BY THE SLEEPY LAGOON (Jack Lawrence / Eric Coates) recorded by Peggy Mannw Teddy Powell & his Orch Nellie Lutcher Sam Browne Vaugn Monroe Richard Tauber Jessie Matthews (film) as recorded by Dinah Shore A sleepy lagoon, a tropical moon, and two on an island A sleepy lagoon and two hearts in tune, in some *some lullaby land* The fireflies gleam reflects in the stream They sparkle and shimmer A star from on high falls out of the sky and slowly grows dimmer The leaves from the trees all dance in the breeze and float on the ripples We’re deep in a spell as nightingales tell of roses and dew The memory of this moment of love will haunt me forever A tropical moon, a sleepy lagoon and you The memory of this moment of love will haunt me forever A sleepy lagoon, a tropical moon and you A sleepy lagoon and you *in Nellie Lutcher's version "In some lullaby land" - is sung as "in lullaby land"


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