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CALIFORNIA AND YOU (Edgar Leslie / Harry Puck, 1914) Oh! you old Pacific coast, Oh! you land I love the most, Soon I'll be returning to you, To my sweetheart loving and true; I just mailed a little note Written to the one I miss, Just a simple little note I began by saying this. Oh! you orange scented air, Oh! you train that brings me there, Ev'ry other country I see, Only makes you dearer to me; Thro' my Pullman window pane As my station's drawing near, I can hear myself again Singing in my honey's car. Don't you remember California in September? As we stood in the wood 'neath the beautiful sky, I made you cry When I whispered good-bye, but dearie Don't you remember That I promised I'd be true? So expect a choo choo That's bringing me back to California and you.


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