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CALIFORNIA SOUL The 5th Dimension Like a sound you hear That lingers in your ear But you can't forget From sundown to sunset It's all in the air You hear it everywhere No matter what you do It's gonna get a hold on your It's California soul, California soul They say the sun comes up every morning And if you listen carefully The winds that ride on the high time Whistle in melody And so the people started to sing And that's how the surf gave birth untold It's California soul California soul When you hear the beat You wanna pat your feet And you've got to move cause It's really such a groove Puts a brand new thing in your mind And you can't go wrong Cause you're happy all day long It's California soul, California soul They had the melody and the beat But it still doesn't seem complete Until they saw two lovers kissin They knew just what was missin So happy they were rockin and reelin Because that added that lovin feeling To California soul, California soul Like a sound you hear That lingers in your ear


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