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CAN YOU SEE ME (Jimi Hendricks) Jimi Hendricks Also recorded by: Graham Oliver; Noel Redding; Thee Hypnotics. Can you see me? begging you on my knees Wo yeah Can you see? me baby Baby please donít leave Yeah if you can see me doing that You can see in the future of a thousand years Can you hear me? Cryiní all over town Yeah babe Can you hear me baby? Crying cause you put me down Whatís with ya If you can hear me doing that You can hear a frait train coming grom a thousand miles Ah yeah Can you hear me? Singing this song to you Ah you better hold up your ears Can you see me baby? Singing theis song to you Ah shucks If you can hear me sing You better come home like you supposed to do Can you see me? Hey hey I donít believe you can see me Wo yeah Can you hear me baby? I donít believe you can You canít see me


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