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CHAINED (Jerry Foster / Bill Rice) Johnny Russell - 1972 Chains (Chains), heavy chains that tie me down Keep my heart sorrow bound Chains (Chains), chockin' me till I can't breathe Why (Why) do you keep these chains on me Chained (Chained), is this the way love has to be Chained (Chained), all because of jealousy You have put these chains on me Now (Now) I'm a prisoner of your love Bound (Bound) by obsessions in your mind Chained (Chained), I can't break these chains that bind (Instrumental Break) Chained (Chained), only you possesses the key That unlocks these chains on me Why (Why) do you refuse to let me go Have (Have) you lost all faith in me Chained (Chained), is this the way love has to be (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2012)


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