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CHANGE IN THE WEATHER John Fogerty Aaah! [Chorus:] Change in the weather, change in the weather, Somethin's happenin' here. Change in the weather, change in the weather, People walkin' round in fear. Uh huh, you better duck and run, Get under cover 'cause the change has come. Storm warning, and it looks like rain, Be nothin' left after the hurricance. This here's a jungle, ain't no lie, Look at the people, terror in their eyes. Bad business comin', can't be denied, They're running with the dogs, afraid to die. [Chorus] Uh huh, you best believe it's true, The levee's busted, badness comin' through. Oh no, there ain't no place to hide, Reach out and pluck you, take you for a ride. Sea of frustration, take everything in sight, Won't be no blessing if we make it through the night. Down on your knees, go ahead and pray, But every demon has to have his day. [Chorus] Well! Oh, God! High noon, I can't believe my eyes, Wind is ragin', there's a fire in the sky. Ground shakin', everything comin' loose, Run like a coward but it ain't no use. Edge of the river, it's an ugly scene, People gettin' pushed, people gettin' mean. The change is comin' and it's gettin' late, Ain't no survivin', and there ain't no escape. [Chorus] Oh! [Chorus] Well! Oh, no! (Contributed by Bette Carl - July 2004)


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