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CHASIN' THE WIND (Diane Warren) Chicago Did the best I could To make you mine If you ever felt anything for me Well, you never gave a sign Thought time would make you change Make you want me But baby I never had a chance Now I know that thereís just some things Just not meant to be (chorus) No use Making you care about me No way That Iím gonna win Oh darliní I might as well be Chasiní the wind Oh, Iím just Chasiní the wind Opened up my heart Let you inside If love was what you were lookiní for Well, I guess it wasnít mine So I guess I better go Itís over and done But you know Iím not really sad at all ícause you canít really say itís over When it never had begun (chorus) Canít reach the sea If you canít get past the sand Canít touch the sky If you canít reach up your hand Canít give if you give nothing back (chorus)


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