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CINCINNATI FIREBALL (J. Leslie Mac / Farland Aaron / M. Schroeder) Johnny & Dorsey Burnette - 1960 There's a gal they call the Cincinnati Fireball One look, you fall for that Cincinnati Fireball I bet you five will get you ten She's gonna break my heart again That's why I know I gotta go back to Ohio Now, when she walks that walk It's such a pleasure to the eye And when she talks sweet talk You'll love it, though it's all a lie And when she tells you she'll be true But never tells you true to who That's why I know I gotta go back to Ohio That Cincinnati Fireball She's not too tall, but she's got it all And ooh that kiss, that kiss of fire It makes you wanna climb the wall Well, I'm a fool, it's clear But my desire's very small If I could just be near to that Cincinnati Fireball 'Cause everytime I hold her tight It's worth a thousand sleepless nights That's why I know I gotta go back to Ohio


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