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CITY OF LAUGHTER, CITY OF TEARS Words Worton David. Music Horatio Nicholls City of Laughter, with lights aglow, You live for pleasure alone, I know; You play with life, like a child with its toys, But 'mid all your pleasures and joys-- CHORUS: City of Laughter, City of Tears, What are the secrets you hold? What are the sorrows beneath the joys, The pain 'neath the glitter and gold? Faces are beaming, happy and bright, But 'mid all the pleasure that cheers, There are hearts that seem light, that are breaking to-night, In that City of Laughter and Tears. City of Heartaches that no one sees, You hold for pleasure life's golden keys; Bright lights may gleam for a while, it's true, But when all the glamour is through- (Contributed by Michael Makepeace - September 2008)


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