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CITY OF THE ANGELS (Steve Perry / Gregg Rolie / Neal Schon) Journey City of the angels. City of the angels. Walkiní and talkiní and laughiní About dreaminí the things that you want will work out. People in places where you want to be, Iím lost in the city, whoís got the key? City of the angels, Oo, I hear you calliní me. City of the angels Iíve got this feeliní that things will work out. Iíve got this feeliní, and there ainít no doubt. Iím holdiní on, hopiní to find, Life in this city can bring peace of mind. (chorus twice) Just like, just like it used to be, yeah. City of the angels. Iím goiní home, home, bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye. Oh, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye Yeah, yeah, Iím leaviní, leaviní Oo, oo, Iím goiní home Iím leaviní, leaviní


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