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CLIMB A TREE WITH ME (Chas. K. Harris, 1912) I've come to see the little girl, I loved from year to year, I've come to watch each little curl, That made your head so dear. Let's go out to the orchard where, we roamed in childish glee, There's something I would tell you if, you'll climb a tree with me. I've left the noisy city with, its heart-aches and its strife, To make you happy sweetheart in, The noon time of your life. Success was hard to win my dear, at last it came to me, I'll tell you all about it if, you'll climb the same old tree. Oh come and climb a tree with me, As we climbed long years a-go, All the birds sang birdie words, And they meant "I love you so." From care let's flee and climb a tree, If you slip I'll hold your hand, So let's climb a tree, you and me, And dream of baby land.


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