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COCAINE CAROLINA (David A. Coe) Johnny Cash Morning found me lyin' on a floor in New Orleans Looking like the patches was about to eat my jeans Feeling like my belly was a warehouse for the blues And I sure miss my sweet Cocaine Carolina Better on an ocean liner call the Cocaine Carolina She was quite a lady then and I was twenty two God knows how much I adored her I just never could afford her Cocaine Carolina how did I get hooked on you So goodbye Cocaine Carolina you and I are through I'm going back to Sandy Skag she knows just what to do She don't love me for my money she just wants my body honey Cocaine Carolina how did I get hooked on you Oh someone said if I was lucky I could go back to Kentucky Lexington was famous for its bluegrass and its hills Carolina we should get up don't you know we'll have to split up Baby I should go to California Goodbye Cocaine Carolina... Oh goodbye Cocaine Carolina... Oh goodbye Cocaine Carolina...


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