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COME ON TO NASHVILLE TENNESSEE (Walter Donaldson, 1916) I want to tell you that you've been real nice to me take a look and you can see I'm as happy as can be, I leave tomorrow just a word before I go I'm delighted so delighted Here's the thanks I want to show If I should tell you 'Bout my mother's bill of fare And the good things you can share You'd be hungry as a bear There's something pleasing In the Southern atmosphere When you strike it you will like it You can stay for a year Come on along with me and meet my family How glad they're goin' to be to have your company Altough you'll find no fancy style They're going to greet you with a smile You'll be itchin', you'll be itchin' to get around the kitchen Oh, if you only knew What mother thinks of you My friends are waiting too they're all expecting you Because I wrote them all about you, Now I can't go home without you, Don't be bashful come on to Nashville, Come on to Nashville, Tennessee.


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