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COMES LOVE (Charlie Tobias / Lew Brown / Sam H. Stept) Artie Shaw Come a rain storm put your rubbers on your feet, Comes a snow storm you can get a little heat; Comes love nothing can be done. Comes a fire then you know just what to do, Blow a tire You can buy another shoe, Comes love nothing can be done. Donít try hidin?'cause there isnít any use, Youíll start slidin?when your heart turns on the juice. Comes a headache you can lose it in a day, Comes a toothache see the dentist right away; Comes love nothing can be done! Comes a heat wave you can hurry to the shore, Comes a summons you can hide behind the door; Comes love Nothing can be done. Comes the measles you can quarantine the room, Comes a mousie you can chase it with a broom; Comes love nothing can be done. Thatís all brother, If youíve ever been in love, Thatís all brother, you know what Iím speaking of! Comes a nightmare you can always stay awake, Comes depression you may get another break; Comes love nothing can be done!


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