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COMMON MAN (written by Bobby Miller) David Ruffin ooh, hoo, hoo, oo, hoo, yeah I have dreamed a dream of every common man ahh, hoping to rise to the top I have sworn by my blood, as your man, my love That one day i promised one day your heartache would stop but I've never, never, never, never changed I never changed one single grain of sand ooh, thanks to ya baby (ha-ha) for just lovin' a common man I wanna thank you this evening, honey ooh, I thought, I thought that I failed you so but that's when you turned around and looked me in my eyes and you let me know you said, and you said it softly, I didn't have to worry about being a common man, you said David, you don't have to worry about rising to the top you said, you said, you said I didn't have to swear by my blood that oh baby, that one day your heartache would stop then you put your arms around me, and you said you never, never, never, never cared if I never changed one single grain of sand you said, I love you, baby (whoah) I love you, for just being a common man all my gratitude, just keep on growing yeah, for recognizing me I thank ya baby, yeah for respecting me, yeah I wanna thank ya, baby for everytime we meet, oh I thank ya, baby, oh for my gratitude, for respecting me, baby for just being a common man, oh, I wanna thank ya baby for everytime we meet, I wanna thank ya, for respectin' me everytime you love me I wanna thank you for calming my trouble oh, thank ya, baby (woah) thank ya honey for loving a common man a common man like me


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