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CONFESSIN' THE BLUES (Walter Brown) Jay McShann / Walter Brown 1941 Walter Brown w Jay McShann & his Orch rec April 30th 1941 Chicago also rec by - B B King Little Walter Maria Muldauer w Jay McShann & his Orch Esther Phillips The Rolling Stones Joe Williams Baby here I stand before you with my heart in my hand, I want you to read it mama, hopin' that you'll understand. Well baby, mama please don't dog me 'round, I'd rather love you, baby, than anyone else I know in town. Because you're so nice and lovin', and you have such pleasin' ways If you take me to your home,be thou dearest of my days. That's the truth mama, well you know I wouldn't lie, If I don't love you baby, well I'll swear I hope to die! Well baby, don't you wanna man like me? Well baby, don't you wanna man like me? You think on of your future, forget about your used to be! When my days are long and dreary and the sun refuse to shine, I would never be blue and lonely if I knew that you were mine. Well baby, will you make everything alright? Can I have you today, babe, or will it be tomorrow night? This is my confession, mama, and I'm thrilled by all your charm, Well, it seems that I'm in heaven when you hold me in your arm. Well babe, you can have me for yourself, You was meant for me mama, I don't want nobody else! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2012) ******************* CONFESSIN' THE BLUES Walter Brown, B.B. King, Little Walter Baby here I stand before you With my heart in my hand I put it to you mama Hoping that you'll understand Oh, baby Mama, please don't dog me 'round Yeah I, I would rather love you, baby Than anyone else I know in town This is my confession, Mama And it's sung by all your song It proves that I'm in heaven, Mama When you hold me in your arms Well, baby Can I have you for myself Yeah, if I can't have you, baby I don't want nobody else Well, baby Don't you want a man like me Well, baby Don't you want a man like me Yeah, think about your future, baby Forget about your used to be


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