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COULTER'S CANDY Traditional Marg Osburne Chorus: Ally Bally Ally Bally Bee Sittin' on your mommy's knee Greetin' for another bawbee To buy some COULTER'S CANDY Mommy give me my thrifty doon Here's old Coulter comin' soon With a basket on his croon Sellin' COULTER'S CANDY REPEAT CHORUS Ally Bally Ally Bally Bee When you grow up you will see Makin' pennies for your mommy and me To buy some COULTER'S CANDY REPEAT CHORUS 3X TO FADE. Special Notes on Word Meanings in this song: Greetin' = Crying Bawbee = Halfpenny Thrifty = Money Box Doon = Down Croon = Head. (Contributed by Garr Norick - April 2007)


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