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COWBOY'S DREAM NO. 19 Dan Hicks - 1973 I want to go back where the space is wider, To ride on horseback and roll my own smokes, Longing to go back where people seem politer, I'm saying hello, and evening I'll go. I've been away so long I think this is the right road, But it's changed so much don't know for sure, And the day will come when I'll be on the right road, I'm saying hello, and evening I'll go. I can send off a letter to 'em but that would leave no surprise, No, I got to wait, wait for that look in their eyes, And I'll sit by the creek where the water runs cool and I know I'll have such a good time, I'm sayin' hello, and evening I'll go. I can smell the coffee brewing, I'll take mine black, you know it's good, it's good to be back, Go on and tell me how you folks been doing, I'm saying hello, and evening I'll go. Hey Bill won't you tell me when that train does stop, I want to get off and say hello to a couple of people I think I still know, And I ain't one to mince my words, I'll take a piece of that cake that they Make, I can't be late, you got to get what's on the plate...Odle ladie oh! (repeat last two verses) I'm saying hello, and evening I'll go. Give me some room you can't do it too soon (Contributed by Nancy - December 2003)


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