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CUCKOO COCOON Genesis Wrapped up in some powdered wool-I guess I'm losing touch. Don't tell me I'm dying, 'cos I ain't changed that much. The only sound is water drops, I wonder where the hell I am, Some kind of jam? Cuckoo Cocoon have I come to, too soon for you? There's nothing I can recognise; this is nowhere that I've known. With no sign of life at all, I guess that I'm alone, And I feel so secure that I know this can't be real but I feel good. Cuckoo cocoon have I come to, too soon for you? I wonder if I'm a prisoner locked up in some Brooklyn jail -or some sort of Jonah shut up inside the whale. No-I'm still Rael and I'm stuck in some kind of cave, what could've saved me? Cuckoo cocoon have I come to, too soon for you? (Contributed by Ae & Vs - June 2004)


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