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DAMMIT JANET From the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) Based on the London Musical "The Rocky Horror Show" - 1973 (Richard O'Brien) Barry Bostwick (as Brad) Susan Sarandon (as Janet) Also recorded by: Tim Flavin; Habigale Haness; Love Equals Death; The Toronto Musical Revue. BRAD: Hey, Janet JANET: Yes, Brad BRAD: I've got something to say JANET: Uh-huh BRAD: I really love the skillful way You beat the other girls To the bride's bouquet JANET: Oh, oh, Brad BRAD: The river was deep but I swam it (Janet) The future is ours, so let's plan it (Janet) So please don't tell me to can it (Janet) I've one thing to say, and that's Dammit Janet, I love you The road was long but I ran it (Janet) There's a fire in my heart and you fan it (Janet) If there's one fool for you then I am it (Janet) I've one thing to say, and that's Dammit Janet, I love you Here's a ring to prove that I'm no joker There's three ways that love can grow That's good, bad, or mediocre Oh J-A-N-E-T, I love you so JANET: Oh, it's nicer than Betty Munroe had (Oh, Brad) Now we're engaged and I'm so glad (Oh, Brad) That you met Mom and you know Dad (Oh, Brad) I've one thing to say, and that's Brad, I'm mad, for you too JANET: Oh, Brad BRAD: Oh, dammit JANET: I'm mad BRAD: Oh, Janet JANET: For you BRAD: I love you too BOTH: There's one thing left to do, ah-hoo BRAD: And that's go see the man who began it (Janet) When we met in his science exam, it (Janet) Made me give you the eye and then panic (Janet) Now I've one thing to say, and that's Dammit Janet, I love you BRAD: Dammit, Janet JANET: Oh Brad, I'm mad BRAD: Dammit, Janet BOTH: I love you


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