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DAYDREAM (Ellington) Duke Ellington (m) Billy Strayhorn (l) John Latouche (l) 1940 as rec by Ella Fitzgerald w Duke Ellington & his Orch June 24th 1957 New York Daydream, Why do you haunt me so? Deep in a rosy glow, The face of my love you show! Daydream, I walk along on air, Building a castle there, For me and my love to share. Don't know the time, lawdy, I'm in a daze! Sun in the sky, while I moon around feeling hazy! Daydream, Don't break my reverie, Until I find that he Is daydreaming just like me! Daydream, Why do you haunt me so? While I'm in this rosy glow, Bring back my love, Bring back my love, Bring back my love to me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2012)


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