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DEPARTURE (Eugene Field) George Broderick - 1900 Well, Bill, shake hands and say goodbye 'Afore you go away We hate to see you leave us We'd much rather have you stay Mother and me's gettin' old We can't be with you long She's been failing for some time now And will never be as strong as she was 'Afore the ague laid her up so long in bed And more than likely when you get back You'll find your mother dead Her cold lips were quivering When you went to say goodbye And tears splashed on her pillow When she asked you to try And be a good boy for her sake Bill, when you get far away We hate to see you leave us We'd much rather have you stay (Train whistle) Well, Bill, your train's a-comin' Here's some stuff the children sent Driftwood more than likely And me and mother went And had our pictures took So as to give you one To remember us by in the years When we'll be dead and gone And here's a little Bible mother sent to give to you We didn't have much money But I reckon it will do as well As if we weren't poor and had more change to spare So take it, Bill, with mother's love And try to keep it Where it'll always be the handiest When you get far away We hate to see you go, Bill We'd much rather have you stay (Sounds of a train departing) Good-bye, Bill! God bless him!


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