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DO I HEAR A WALTZ ? (Rodgers / Sondheim) Sammy Davis Jr. Do I hear a waltz? Very odd but I hear a waltz There isnít a band and I donít understand it at all I canít hear a waltz Oh my lord, there it goes again Why is nobody dancing in the street? Canít they hear the beat? Magical, mystical, miracle Can it be, is it true? Things are impossibly lyrical Is it me, no itís you I do hear a waltz I see you and I hear a waltz Itís what Iíve been waiting for all my life To hear a waltz Do I hear a waltz? La-da-de-da-da Such lovely Blue Danubey music How can you be still? I do hear a waltz There it goes again Thereís no dancing in the street Canít they hear the beat? Roses are dancing with peonies Yes itís true, donít you see Everythingís suddenly Viennese Canít be you, must be me Do I hear a waltz? I want more than to hear a waltz I want you to share it, but oh my Do I hear a waltz?


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