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DONíT LOOK NOW BUT MY HEART IS SHOWING From 1948 movie ďOne Touch Of VenusĒ (Ogden Nash / Kurt Weill) Dick Haymes, Ava Gardner (dubbed), and others If this bliss is love Why didnít somebody tell me Donít look now but my heart is showing No matter what I say or do Canít hide it, my heartís Romeo-ing I canít stay away from you You smile and my dreams start hallo-ing They spin when you come into view In circles, I may not be going But I feel I reel with you When mister kisses miss, no need for words to embroider When mister kisses miss, changing her name is in order You smile, and the stardust is glowing Weíre whirling in a world thatís new Donít look now but your heart is showing And it flips and halts and turns somersaults Darling, it wants to waltz with you Donít ask me but here is my answer I think that youíre magically he Who could be a love necromancer Neck-romancing is for me Donít stop me but I am replying I know that youíre magically she The preacher would like to be tying As you coo I do with me Around, round and round Iím just like a record thatís playing Repeating the same sound The needle must like what Iím saying These wings that I feel I am growing Belong to someone I never knew Donít look now but heaven is showing And tonight the sky is my sky to fly Darling, falling in love Falling in love with you


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