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DON'T MAKE MY BABY BLUE (Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil) The Move Also recorded by: Frankie Laine; Lonnie Mack; The Shadows. I know that I can't keep her Now she's in love with you But I just wanna say I won't be far away So don't make my baby blue *I know your reputation They say you can't be true So I'll be standing by And you just better try Not to make my baby blue **My little girl, she's always been an angel And it hurts me so bad to set her free You better take good care of her She still means all the world to me You know she does ***I'm gonna step aside now Just like she wants me to But even though I'm gone I'll still be looking on You better not make my baby blue She's been a good baby .... (*repeat) (**repeat) (***repeat) You better try your best Don't make my baby blue Blue


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