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DONíT TREAT ME LIKE A CHILD (Hawker / Schroeder) Helen Shapiro Well, just because Iím in my teens And I still go to school Donít think that I been childish dreams Iím nobodyís fool Donít mother me, that makes me wild And please donít treat me like a child Itís often said that youngsters Should be seen and not be heard But I want you to realise That itís quite absurd Donít wanna be so meek and mild So please donít treat me like a child ^Gonna be my own adviser ĎCause my mindís my own Then I will be much the wiser My own point of view Has got to be known The best years of my life, I know Are those when I am young And since Iím sure that this is so Gotta have my fun So if I feel like running wild Well, please donít treat me like a child (Rep from ^ to end) Donít ever treat me like a child


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