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DO SOMETHING Sammy H Stept (m) Bud Green (l) 1929 as rec by Helen Kane w Leonard Joy & his Band Mar 15th 1929 New York re-rec w Leroy Holmes & his Orch '54 Oh honey, oh honey, Why is it that you act so funny When we should be making love? Oh I'm willing, I'm so willing, But nothing that you do seems thrilling! I long for your pettin', Where am I gettin'? There's the moon, way up high, Here are you, here am I, Oh do, do do something! I ain't been hugged, I ain't been kissed, And I want to see just what I've missed, So, oh do, oh do something! I got the time and the place, the place and the time, I know; I got a bench in the park, and a park and a bench, and all! You know, other pairs, they're makin' haste, But look at me, I'm going to waste! So, oh do, oh do something! Summer nights, stars galore, Oh tell me, what are we waitin' for, huh? Aw, come on honey, Aw come on, do something! Boop-doop-a-doop! You know, it's been told and explained That nothing tried, nothing gained! So, oh do, do something! Got a hug and a kiss, and a kiss and a hug or two, I wanna give them away, and I'm gonna give them away to you! Boop-boop-doop-a-doop! Sittin' around just seems so dumb, And look at me, I'm just gettin' numb! So, oh do, oh do something! All alone, just we two, And I feel so bop-bop-a-do-no! Oh do, do do (scat) (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2009)


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