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DO THE NEW YORK >From the Broadway Review "Ziegfeld Follies Of 1931" (Ben Oakland / J.P. Murray / Barry Trivers) Harry Richman (Broadway Production) - 1931 Victor Arden, Phil Ohman & Their Orch. - 1931 Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orch. - 1931 Get the beat of people's feet Walkin' up and down the street And do the New York Get the sound, the crash and pound Of the subway underground And do the New York You'll find there's something old and something new And it's something hot and something blue And it's seven million people doin' it All got rhythm Get the view of stone and steel Add a little sex appeal And do the New York (Transcribed from the Arden-Ohman Orch. recording by Mel Priddle - August 2007) (Contributed by - August 2007)


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