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DOWN BY THE MILLSIDE ALONGSIDE THE HILLSIDE (YOU MADE ALL MY DRAMS COME TRUE) (Lew Brown / Harry D. Kerr, 1918) Dearie today is the day we were wed. Just twenty five years ago let's take a trip to the old home today I know that you love it so, we'll wander I'm going to dress in my new Sunday clothes, you wear your new gingham gown; We'll get old Dobbin and hitch up the shay, for he knows the road from town, the old road Down by the millside, alongside the hillside, where I told love's story to you night shades were falling, and song birds were calling, as you vowed you'd ever be true(and I sighed as I stood by your side) those were our school days, our old golden rule days, today we will live them all through, for down by the millside, alongside the hillside, you made all my dreams come true.


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