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DOWN BY THE O-HI-O (Abe Olman / Jack Yellen) Spike Jones & his City Slickers (vocal: Beauregard Lee) - 1944 Also recorded by: The Andrews Sisters; Milton Brown & his Brownies; Al Jolson; Glenn Miller; The Moms and Dads. Down on the O-hi-o I've got the cutest little oh my oh There ain't nobody half as pretty as she And sweet as can be And jumpin' jeepers creepers she's crazy for me And what an oh my oh The only one I've met who ever thrilled me so She is the sweetest thing that I've ever seen All milk an' honey if you know what I mean With lots of oh my oh Just wait till I get back to O-hi-o (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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