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DOWN THAT ROAD TONIGHT (Jeff Hanna / Josh Leo / Wendy Waldman) The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Seems like lately we're losin' touch I work too hard & I worry too much I think it's time for me & you To get back to what we used to do We steal away on a Saturday night Meet in the field when the time was right Just us 2 & a starry sky Would feel like paradise CHORUS: I said ooo baby, goin' down that road tonight Gettin' too crazy, need to hold each other tight Take it, ooo maybe, the moon still shines as bright There's a dip back, then it will shine again Down that road tonight Remember all the songs that we used to know Dancin' in the dark to the radio? Lost in the riddle, takin' up some heat The memories are still so sweet Time's gone by, but it's plain to see I still love you & you still love me Let's shake these troubles, put 'em all aside Come on, we're gonna take that ride (repeat chorus & fade)


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