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DO YOU BELIEVE THIS TOWN (Charlie Williams / Joe Nixon) Roy Clark - 1968 Dean Martin - 1969 The woman next door has gone to the PTA And stopped to see her best friend's husband on the way The folks down the street have a different thing, so everybody's puttin' 'em down Do you believe this town? Deacon Jones preaches brotherly love every Sunday And forecloses loans on widows homes every Monday But the smart guys say it's the only way to keep the economy sound Do you believe this town? Do you believe they voted this town dry Well you won't believe it when I tell you why The mayor and his cousin and the chief of police have got the bootleggin' all nailed down Do you believe this town? Do you believe they burned a house down yesterday You won't believe the reason that they gave If the folks who lived there had o' known their place, they could still be a-hangin' around Do you believe this town? Do you believe this town? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2012)


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