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DRAGONFLY Frank Marino Well listen, someday You'll hear a rush of wings So distant, a sound of secret things There, look there, up in that rusty sky Yonder, sweeps the dragonfly So awesome, he blocks the setting sun He'll come to collect the souls of everyone Come dragon, come In from the sun He floats with an eerie grace A giant blue green sentinal From some distant time and space And because he'll come, he'll have no regrets Surely he'll come to lay this birth to rest I know one day you'll see him But please don't ask me why He will be a secret dragonfly Fly dragon fly, here from the sky So if you hear that sound I'm talkin' about When you know he's near When your times run out Well don't you fear There's nothing that you can say Cause he'll appear and take you to that special place He'll take you there He'll take you there He'll take you there He'll take you there He'll take you there He'll take you ........


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