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DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS Ray Charles It brings a tear into my eyes When I begin to realize I"ve cried so much since you've been gone I guess I'll drown in my own tears I've been crying just likea child My pouring tears are running wild If you don't think you'll be home soon I guess I'll drown, oh yeah, in my own tears I know it's true Into each life Oh, some rain, rain must pour I'm so blue Here without you It keeps raining more and more Why don't you come home so I won't be all alone If you don't think youi'' be home soon I Guess I'll (drown in my own tears Oh, don't let mr (drown in my own tears) When I'm in trouble, baby (drown in my own tears) Oh, don't let me (drown in my own tears) I guess I'll drown in my own tears


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