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EH LA BAS Original Louisiana Creolo Lyrics + English Translation E la ba! (E la ba!) E la ba! (E la ba!) Hey over there! Hey over there! E la ba, chèri! (E la ba, chèri!) Hey over there, dear lady! (Hey over there, dear lady!) Komon sa va? (Komon sa va?) How's it goin'? Mo chè kouzen, mo chè kouzin, My dear cousin (male), my dear cousin (female), mo lenme la kizin! I love the kitchen! Mo manje plen, mo bwa diven, I eat a lot, I drink wine, e sa pa kout ariyen. and it costs me nothing. Ye tchwe kochon, ye tchwe lapen, They kill a pig, they kill a rabbit, e mo manje plen. and I eat a lot. Ye fe gonmbo, mo manje tro, They make gumbo, I eat too much, e sa fe mon malad. and that makes me sick (Contributed by Leonardo Kenji Shikida - May 2003)


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