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EVERYBODY'S GOT A HOME BUT ME (Oscar Hammerstein II / Richard Rodgers) Eddie Fisher - 1955 Also recorded by : Beachcombers; Big Maybelle; Judy Blazer; The Flamingos; Roy Hamilton; Tommy Hunt; Phillip Officer; Judy Tyler; Velons. Scooted out of Frisco over Route 101 Got a hitch as far as San Jose Rode aboard a Greyhound till I ran outta dough Bid the bus goodbye at Monterey But I seen a lot of things along the way And I did a lot of thinkin' on the way I rode by a house With the windows lighted up Lookin' pretty as a Christmas tree And I said to myself As I rode by myself Everybody's got a home but me I rode by a house Where the moon was on the porch And the girl was on her fella's knee And I said to myself As I rode by myself Everybody's got a home but me I am free and I'm happy To be free (To be free) (To be free) To be free in the way I wanna be (Wanna be) (Wanna be) But once in a while When I'm talkin' to myself And there's no one there to disagree I look up and I cry To a big empty sky Won't there ever be A home for me somewhere Everybody's got a home but me (Contributed by Carlene Bogle - May 2005)


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