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EVERY STREET'S A BOULEVARD IN OLD NEW YORK From the Broadway musical "Hazel Flagg" (1953 (Jule Styne / Bob Hilliard) Jack Whiting (Broadway Production) - 1953 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis (Feat. in the film "Living It Up") - 1954 Norrie Paramour & His Orch. - 1956 Guy Haines - 2001 So I leave it to you, what's in a name? Are the folks who live on a street like Eleventh Any finer than the family on 107th? I settle each issue by telling the squawker If you live in New York be glad you're a New Yorker Every street's a boulevard in old New York Every street's a highway of your dreams It's a thrill to shop on 34th Street Or down in Union Square I like the people you meet on Mulberry Street Have you ever been there? Streets are lined with palaces in old New York It's a kingdom where the people wear the crown Just remember there's an East Side and a West Side And Uptown and Down That's why I'm proud to be a part of New York town Streets are paved with happiness in old New York We're proud you're a part of it We're happy that you came Each sidewalk is a concrete path to fame Just remember there's an East Side and the West Side And Uptown and Down In this great big metropolis known as New York town


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