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EV'RY GIRL IS DIFF'RENT (1944) (From the international picture "Belle Of The Yukon") Music by: Jimmy Van Heusen / Lyric by: Johnny Burke) I'm a very clever person When I get my little brain unfurled. For example, I discovered something That should really rock the world. Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; Either she's a beauty or she's brainy, Or the kind you call on when it's rainy. Who knows why? Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; Either she's to talk with or to smile with Or be shipwrecked on a desert isle with. Who knows why? You'll agree that a blush can make a strong man weak. Don't quote me, but believe me, that is pure technique. Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; Either she's a sweet thing or a bright thing, But if ev'ry girl would do the right thing They'd go out on strike 'Cause men are all alike. Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; One prefers a necklace, one a frat pin, While another reaches for a hat pin. Who knows why? Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; Either she's a tomboy or she's fragile Or perhaps discouragingly agile. Who knows whay? And somehow ev'ry boy believes his heart is clear. Don't look now but the fellow with the rings is here. Ev'ry girl is diff'rent; Either they're alluring or alarming, But they do expect to meet Prince Charming. For the love of Mike! Men are all alike.


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