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FACE IN A CROWD (Mitchell Torok / Ramona Redd) Dean Martin - 1962 I search each face in a crowd lookin' for you Just a-hopin' to see you again Those laughing eyes and tender lips that used to thrill me So I search ev'ry face in a crowd No matter where that I go, I keep on starin' For the face that belongs to you Just lookin' for the favourite colour you're always wearin' So I search ev'ry face in a crowd I know I said that I didn't need you Ev'ry day every night, oh, how I failed But I'll keep lookin', hopin' someday I'm gonna find you Some lucky minute, some happy hour, some lucky day So I'll search ev'ry face until I find you I didn't know that I'd miss you this way I hope I'm not too late because I love you So I search ev'ry face in a crowd So I search ev'ry face in a crowd (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2012)


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