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FIRE DOWN BELOW (Lester Lee / Ned Washington) Jeri Southern - 1957 Donít believe my eyes, theyíre the coldest eyes But Iím not so cold, let me put you wise Keeping the temperature so low, this is a work of art For thereís a fire down below, down below in my heart And my crazy lips, theyíre such lazy lips But thereíll come to life should we come to grips If you have anything in mind, warn you before you start There is a fire down below, down below in my heart ^Now that youíre getting my number, know what Iím talking about Pile on the coal and the lumber, donít let the fire go out Iíll admit my face is the quiet type This can all be changed when the time is right Call off the volunteer brigade, call off the fire cart For thereís a fire down below, down below, down below Down below in my heart (Rep from ^)


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