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FOOLIN' WITH THE OTHER WOMAN'S MAN Milton Ager (m) Jack Yellen (l) as rec by Sophie Tucker Stolen sweets are sweeter, That's the thought of every cheater In the game of love. Worthless words are spoken, And a lifelong tie is broken In the name of love. Each stolen kiss and each caress May mean a moment's happiness; Just that and nothing more, But what does the future hold in store? Headaches, heartaches, nerves you can't control! Punches, hunches, tugging at your soul! That's what makes you wish you hadn't started Fooling with the other woman's man! Sacandal, scandal, it's all over town! Gossip, gossip, starts to wear you down! It's a cinch you're going to be outsmarted When you're fooling with the other woman's man! To satisfy a vain desire, Just like a moth you play with fire! Anothr fool, another sinner, You know darned well there's never, never been a winner! Shiver, shiver, you're without a friend, Oh yes, yes it's the river, that's where you're bound to end! Ten to one you'll wind up broken-hearted When you're fooling with the other woman's man! It's eight o'clock, you hurry to Your favourite little rendezvous; A hideaway, and there on view Are others who are hiding too! It's a fool's paradise! A gaga girl sits over there, Angelic face and baby's stare, Engrossed in her new love affair Without a worry or a thought or care In this fool's paradise! A curtain car that must be (xxx?) To make you feel that you're secure! A quick embrace, then out of sight, Home again to another night; Of headaches, heartaches, nerves you can't control! Punch, punch, tugging at your soul! Believe me, no-ones's won out since the world began When you're fooling with the other woman's man! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2009)


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