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FOR YOU Joe Burke (m) Al Dubin (l) Jo Stafford w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch rec 1941 also- Kenny Sargent w Glen Gray & his Casa Loma Orch '33 Debroy Somers & his Orch Perry Como w Russ Case & his Orch '47 Buddy Clark w Mitchell Ayres & his Orch '47 Steve Conway '49 Nat "King" Cole '58 Julie London Kay Starr Timi Yuro Ricky Nelson '64 I would gather stars out of the blue, For you, for you. I'd make a string of pearls out of the dew, For you, for you. Over the highway and over the street, Carpets of clover I'd lay at your feet. Oh, there's nothin' in this world I wouldn't do, For you, I'd do anything for you. (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2008)


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