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FRENCH JOANA (Joana Francesa) (Chico Buarque de Hollanda) Pedro Aznar (Argentina) You laugh, you lie too much You cry, you die too much You have the tropics in your blood and on your skin Moan from madness and torpor It is already dawn, alright, alright, alright Make me die of laughter Talk to me of love Dreams and lies, I know them both by heart Moan from pleasure and dread It is already dawn, awaken, awaken, awaken Come, cry on my shoulder, I want to comfort you Come, tender mulatto, dance in my arms Come, child and tell me where your sun and coal are Who cast a spell on me? The sea, tide and boat You carry the scent of cachaša and sweat Moan from laziness and heat It is already dawn, alright, alright, alright Awaken, awaken, awaken Alright, alright, alright


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