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GEEZER AND THE GUISER (Traditional) Dave Bromberg Said the guiser to the geezer, "Will you give me a pull?" Said the geezer to the guiser, "I'll be damned if I will. Save all your money and put it into stocks And you'll always have tobacco in your old tobacco box." Chorus: Diddle di di dum, diddle dum diddle ay Diddle dum diddle diddle, diddle diddle, all the day, Diddle di di dum, diddle dum diddle day, And he whistled the same old tune. Said the geezer to the guiser, "Take my advice, Go down to the river, chop a hole in the ice, Swim down to the bottom and lie down among the rocks And you'll never want tobacco for your old tobacco box." (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - December 2003)


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