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GETTIN' BY Album : "Great Gonzos" Jerry Jeff Walker Hi, buckaroos, Scamp Walker time again. Gonna try to slide one by once more. Don't matter how ya do it. Just do it like you know what your doing Besides, we been down this road one before... Chorus: Just gettin' by on gettin' by's my stock and trade Livin' it day to day Pickin' up the pieces where ever they fall Just lettin' it roll lettin' the high times carry the load I'm livin' my life easy come easy go. Income tax overdue. I think she is too. Been busted, I'll probably get busted somemore. But I'll catch it all later. Can't let it stop me now, Besides, I've been down this road once before... Last week i was thinkin, It's record time again, And I can see Ol' Steve Boy pacing the floor. Oh, Steve, don't ya worry. Something's bound to come out, Besides, we been down this road once before...


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